Where the heck…?

Where the heck… ?

„Where the heck… ?“ can be found on Twitter: @wheretheheck_ch. „Where the heck… ?“ is an experiment by Ralph Straumann, centred around Twitter bots, open data, cartography, automated map-making and Python programming.

What is it about?

The premise is very simple:

  1. From time to time, @wheretheheck_ch tweets out a vague excerpt of a map from a place somewhere in Switzerland.
  2. Then you come in: Guess what location is shown in the map. Feel free to guess silently. Or, if you want to show your geography expertise publicly: reply to @wheretheheck_ch’s tweet.
  3. Some time later, @wheretheheck_ch will reply to the original tweet and reveal the correct solution.


(FAQs might grow in the future)

  • At initiation, the project features two different map types: one with settlement areas, water bodies and forests, one with a shaded relief. Update as of Jan 20, 2017: the project features four(ish) map types:
    • settlement areas, water and forests
    • houses, roads, railways, water, forests
    • two different shaded reliefs
  • Basemap data: OpenStreetMap © OpenStreetMap contributors
  • Toponym data, settlement area data: Bundesamt für Landestopografie (Art. 30 GeoIV)
  • Relief data: EBP
  • Map styles: Ralph Straumann, EBP

Have fun playing and good luck!

Step 1: The riddle

Step 2: The reveal