Time Keeping at the Patrouille des Glaciers – A Look behind the Scenes

The Patrouille des Glaciers (PdG) is an international ski mountaineering race organised by the Swiss Armed Forces in which military and civilian teams compete. It is said to be the world’s toughest team competition. The very long race distance, the extreme route profile, the high altitude and the difficult alpine terrain with glaciers and couloir … Time Keeping at the Patrouille des Glaciers – A Look behind the Scenes weiterlesen

R: Auch etwas für Sie?

R bei EBP In diesem Blog haben wir schon verschiedentlich (teilweise) mit R erarbeitete Analysen und Visualisierungen gezeigt: etwa meine dreiteilige Serie über die Analyse von Velozähldaten mit R und Bence Tasnádys und Nadine Riesers unterhaltsamer dreiteiliger Bericht über die Eulertour mit dem Tram durch Zürich. Bei EBP setzen wir R sehr vielfältig ein: für … R: Auch etwas für Sie? weiterlesen

Forget Apps – Bots Are the Future of Geo

Update 2016-12-01: We have a second version of our bot and a landing page at http://www.traindelaybot.ch. It now supports Facebook Messenger, Skype und Slack.

The title of this blog post may seem hyperbolic, but during the last few months there has been an increasing
buzz on personal assistants and bots
like Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s Siri or Facebook’s „M“ – the latter being a shopping assistant in Facebook’s Messenger app. Some people proclaim that we experience a new generation of user interfaces: The conversational UX where users interact with a system by „simply saying“ what they want. Last week, [Microsoft introduced developer frameworks for conversational bots](Microsoft introduced conversational frameworks) as a core part of their cloud strategy. And just yesterday, Facebook announced their Bot API for their Messenger.

When new concepts and trends in technology occur, it is a good idea to get first-hand practical experience before adding to that first rising slope in the hype cycle. So, during the last months I made some experiments that I now want to share with you.

Not yet an uprising, but the bots are slowly coming… photo: Francesco Mondada, Michael Bonani, CC-SA3.0, Source

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